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Code coverage from within the IDE followup

Two weeks ago I wrote about code coverage from within Eclipse using djUnit. Since discovering djUnit I've become a huge fan of code coverage in the IDE to improve the TDD process. Since we're going to be using Idea at … Continue reading

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Eclipse versus IntelliJ Idea

The Java developer I hired to lead the Java side of our port from Perl to Java came from a background of using Idea rather than Eclipse. He liked it so much that we're going to be using Idea as … Continue reading

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Consistency is more important than "correctness" or using the "best" software

When I started developing software professionally over a decade ago I would readily diverge from company standards at a whim to use a new language, style of coding, favorite editor/IDE, libraries, different build process, etc… Mainly because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Fed up with Java, switching to a new language

I’ve had it with Java, too much technology to learn with Unit testing, ORM, IoC, AOP, and SOA, not to mention static typing and waiting to compile. That’s why as of right now I’m a converted .BAT programmer and here’s … Continue reading

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