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Only crazy people redeploy a webapp after editing a class or JSP

I tell ya, one of the things I love about Ruby, Python, Perl, etc… is that when you make a change to a the code or presentation layer, all you do is hit refresh in your browser. With java and … Continue reading

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You can use XMLUnit without subclassing

I had almost written off XMLUnit because I assumed it required subclassing XMLTestCase and I already have my own JUnit TestCase sublass that I like to use. However, to my delight I discovered they have refactored out an XMLAssert class … Continue reading

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Use and overuse of interfaces

Cedric’s blog entries on Extensibility the interface way, More on interfaces, and Numbered Interfaces got me thinking more about how often to use interfaces, prefixing them with I, adding an Impl to the end, etc… so for my own benefit … Continue reading

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