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Learning Maven

I set aside some time this weekend to learn Maven which I continue to hear a lot about and until this weekend knew very little about. I was definitely impressed, I'll be hard pressed to go back to using Ant … Continue reading

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Tapestry in Action

On a very long flight to Germany and back I started digging into Howard Lewis Ship's book Tapestry in Action. I am very impressed with Tapestry so far. It does have a fairly steep learning curve compared to your more … Continue reading

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Spring MVC form validation

I've been playing with Spring MVC and adding Commons Validator support for both client and server side form validation. I'm always surprised (although I shouldn't be) by the number of web apps I run across in the corporate world that … Continue reading

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Hiring a Java/Spring/Hibernate team lead

We're hiring a software development team lead/architect with a passion for continuous integration, agile software development, unit testing, MVC frameworks, IoC containers, and ORM. This person either lives in or near San Francisco. We're in the process of migrating our … Continue reading

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JSP Displaytag Library

In working on a Spring MVC workshop for programmers at work I've been toying around with the JSP Display Tag library. On the downside, like most taglibs that generate HTML for you it's no good for an HTML designer since … Continue reading

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Keeping bookmarks synchronized across multiple machines

Between work and home I'll surf the web on one of many Windows, Linux, or MacOS X machines. A few years ago I used to be able to keep my bookmarks synchronized using Netscape and an Apache mod. My only … Continue reading

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Hibernate and Middlegen

I had a chance to play with Hibernate and Middlegen this afternoon for a few hours in preparation for doing a Hibernate workshop with some programmers at work. My preference has always been to design my database schema and then … Continue reading

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Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB

Just finished Rod Johnson’s excellent and very accessible book Expert One-on-One J2EE Development without EJB. What I think this book does best is provide one with a good introduction and overview of: IoC containers MVC frameworks OR Mapping Unit testing … Continue reading

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Testing with multiple versions of Internet Explorer on one PC

I hate having to test a site on multiple versions of Internet Explorer, not to mention my general dislike for IE as a browser. Anyhow, up until today, I’ve known which machines in our office have older versions of IE … Continue reading

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Spring versus Hivemind

I found this very informative thread over on the serverside with the authors of Hivemind and Spring discussing the differences in their approaches. Scroll down past the hivemind announcement for the juicy stuff: I would sum up the differences … Continue reading

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