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Where are all the XHTML and CSS websites?

With browser differences being what they are, I still don't think it's realistic to design a large and heavily trafficked website with validating XHTML and 100% true separation of content from display/layout using CSS. If you disagree prove me wrong … Continue reading

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Testing DAOs and Business Facades

One of the tough decisions many people face regularly with DAOs and business facades is how best to test them. At work our current solution is that we let DAOs interact with the database which we've prepopulated with DBUnit and … Continue reading

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Forking a dependency with a patch

Dion (whose blog I enjoy) wrote an interesting blog entry about forking a dependency in Java versus Ruby. For example say you need to patch Hibernate or ActiveRecord with a fix that hasn't been released yet. Then you want to … Continue reading

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Zero downtime deploys with Tomcat

One of our systems administrators at work setup our zero downtime deployment solution with Tomcat which so far has worked pretty well for us. We needed a zero downtime deployment solution because we strive to practice agile development and therefor … Continue reading

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One artifact/file per build process

Building on my most recent post, another objective we have at work is that each build process (which maps to one CVS module) generates one and only one artifact (e.g. a single WAR, plain old Jar, or a Javaapp Jar). … Continue reading

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One WAR for development, staging/QA, and production

One of our objectives at work with our build process is that whichever artifact (jar/war) gets built, that it can be exactly the same everywhere, whether it's running on your workstation, cruise-control, qa staging server, production, etc. In other words, … Continue reading

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Switching to Subversion

I’ve finally decided to make the switch to Subversion for all of my personal work which includes source control of software projects as well as managing documents across multiple work and home computers and operating systems. Here are the 3 … Continue reading

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In search of a Ruby IDE

I’ve been looking for a good Ruby IDE as I continue to learn Ruby on Rails. So far the one that stands out the most is the Arachno Ruby IDE, it looks very full featured, relatively polished, and includes an … Continue reading

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Changing a URL without changing all your HREFs

When writing JSPs using Spring MVC and Struts I've found myself hard-coding URL's and it just doesn't feel right. Later when I decide to change the URL of a page I have to go through and search replace that URL … Continue reading

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Tabbed SSH terminals for Windows

There is a distinct lack of tabbed terminals for Windows. I’ve used SecureCRT 4, Putty, and more recently I’ve been using Rxvt under Cygwin (which doesn’t require X). However, none of these offers me tabbed terminals. The latest version, SecureCRT … Continue reading

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