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And the best MVC framework is….

Norm Deane is going to be pulling a Matt Raible by reimplementing the same software with all of the major MVC frameworks (Struts, Spring MVC, Webwork, Tapestry, and JSF). I'm excited to see his progress as he writes about it, … Continue reading

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MySQL and not null is not good!

On a daily basis I continue to be unimpressed with MySQL when using MyISAM tables. Today I discovered that if you set a field to be non-nullable and then do an insert without specifying the field, MySQL happily completes the … Continue reading

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Maven versus Ant

Almost every new web project starts with writing the Ant code to build a WAR. This build process is duplicated with some variance on every web application project I've ever worked on that uses Ant. We lift our noses when … Continue reading

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Trails (Tapestry, Spring, XDoclet, and Hibernate) video

Chris has posted a 10 minute video strutting some of the nice features of developing with Trails (built on Ant, Tapestry, Spring, XDoclet, and Hibernate). This was inspired by the now famous Ruby on Rails video. In theory I like … Continue reading

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Hibernate mapping one class to multiple databases

At work our data is state specific and for each state we have a lot of data. It was decided to create a separate database for each state in MySQL long before I joined the company and now we have … Continue reading

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Continuous integration with Cruise Control video

Mike Clark made this short quicktime video on continuous integration with Cruise Control. I love these kinds of videos (similar to the Ruby on Rails video) and would like to see more of them.

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Tackling ORM on existing databases with Hibernate and iBatis

At my company we have 50+ MySQL databases on one server that have the same schema for the purpose of partitioning data (due to the size of each database). The decision goes back before my time and of course there … Continue reading

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I want my email address for life

I’ve had the same @iname email address for about 8 years now. I’ve been using’s Iname forwarding service to forward to wherever I’m keeping my mail (usually on a Linux box I host) so that whenever I want to … Continue reading

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Java based Marine Wireless Navigation Server

I've finally completed a project that I've been thinking/scheming over for a couple of years. The java based Marine Wireless NMEA Navigation Server. Right up there with software engineering, my other really big passion is boats. I love sailing and … Continue reading

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Maven Data Access Kickstart

In learning Maven over the weekend I set about the process of creating a Maven Data Access Kickstart project (with Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, DBUnit, and XDoclet). Here's my Mavenized data access kickstart project if you're interested: maven-dao-kickstart-0.1.tgz One of the … Continue reading

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