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Ruby needs "my" for variable declaration and scoping

I’m still digging Ruby as I plug along over the weekends working on writing a Bliki as an exercise to learn Ruby and Rails. One lesson many of us learned in the Perl days that seems not to have made … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails is my new favorite web stack

I’ve been using Ruby on Rails on and off for personal projects and just finished working my way through Agile Web Development with Rails and Programming Ruby. Before I go on I would like to commend Dave Thomas and David … Continue reading

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In search of a Ruby IDE

I’ve been looking for a good Ruby IDE as I continue to learn Ruby on Rails. So far the one that stands out the most is the Arachno Ruby IDE, it looks very full featured, relatively polished, and includes an … Continue reading

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Two additional Ruby features I wish were in Java

I’ve been tinkering with Ruby a little, mainly so I know what I’m missing since a lot of people really seem to dig it. Ruby has a lot of nice features that I like including mixins, closures, Rails scaffolding, active … Continue reading

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Static typing increases productivity and reduces errors

I’m going to come right out and say that I have a strong preference for static typing in a programming language, especially as it applies to medium and large sized applications with multiple developers. Here’s why: 1. Refactoring: IDE’s make … Continue reading

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