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The top 5 most common XHTML mistakes

When I first started writing XHTML pages about a year ago I thought that all there was to it was closing every tag XML style. Oh how wrong I was! I’ve since learned to W3C validate as I go so … Continue reading

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Nofollow hurts bloggers more than spammers

Nofollow really took off in the blogging community as a means to stop comment spammers and I think at this point it’s safe to say that it’s had absolutely no effect on that front. What’s worse is that it’s the … Continue reading

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Podcast interviews tell a bigger story than most blogs

I just received my first iPod from Amazon the other day and have been playing with it a little here and there. Having music to go is great but I’m really enjoying listening to podcasts! Just as blogs have become … Continue reading

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Well formed validation of XHTML pages

Validating XHTML pages is an interesting subject because no high traffic site I’ve ever tried it on actually successfully validates XHTML against a W3C validator. Most folks I know take it for granted that it’s unrealistic to write large sites … Continue reading

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SEO Toolbox

At work when we design a new page that we hope to drive people to via search engines we often consult with our search engine consultant to ensure we’ve thought through the page design and that the HTML is up … Continue reading

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Google Analytics, if you’re not using it you should be

I’ve been using Google Analytics for about a month to track 4 of my sites (and more recently this one as well) and I am impressed! The key (in my mind) to Google Analytics and other high end commerical solutions … Continue reading

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Blogging software

In moving from my old blog at JRoller to one on my domain I had to choose which blogging engine to use. After evaluating a number of systems such as Movable Type, Typo, Blogger with sftp, etc… I ended up … Continue reading

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Bad domain names

If you haven't already seen this, this is a must read on bad domain names. This had me in tears laughing!

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Where are all the XHTML and CSS websites?

With browser differences being what they are, I still don't think it's realistic to design a large and heavily trafficked website with validating XHTML and 100% true separation of content from display/layout using CSS. If you disagree prove me wrong … Continue reading

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Firefox web development extensions

My three Firefox plugins of choice that save me a lot of time troubleshooting and working out web development issues are: 1. Web Developer Extension: this one is a must have! 2. User Agent Switcher: I use this one occasionally … Continue reading

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