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Storing Git repositories in Amazon S3 for high availability

At VolunteerMatch we’re experimenting with using Chef Solo to manage Amazon EC2 servers. The catch is that if a server is going to rely on Chef to boot up, then the Chef Recipes (which we’re storing in a Git Repository) … Continue reading

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Switching from Edge Rails to 1.2 stable with Piston

Update 1/25/07: Francois pointed out that now as of Piston 1.3.0 you can now do this all with the following command: piston switch vendor/rails For starters, if you’re still using svn:externals to manage your vendor/rails directory it’s time to … Continue reading

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Creating subversion repositories for just about anything

I’ve been using Subversion for just about everything I work on including keeping my documents synchronized across multiple computers, backups, source control, etc… I got the idea a while back from Martin Fowler’s Bliki who uses it for a similar … Continue reading

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Switching to Subversion

I’ve finally decided to make the switch to Subversion for all of my personal work which includes source control of software projects as well as managing documents across multiple work and home computers and operating systems. Here are the 3 … Continue reading

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