Naming your business or product, forget the domain

Pick a name that is easy to spell, unique, and memorable! It’s a lesson I learned the hard way.

Don’t spend your time surfing for available domain names, you’ll tear your hair out and pick a worse name as a result. Focus on good names for your business or product. Then when you have the name focus on a domain name for it as a secondary concern. You will build your brand recognition, loyalty, and company name through your actions and products, not through your domain name. That’s just as true for websites as it is for brick and mortar businesses.

Nothing worse than having a friend tell you “you’ll want to check out cordkd, it’s spelled c-o-r-k-d-dot-com, leave the e out”. Corkd (a site I loved while it was in business) may have owned a catchy dot-com name but everyone has to explain how it’s spelled. Even a Google search for corked doesn’t turn up the website in the top couple results because the actual word corked is not in their name or on their website. Corkd’s business name was a liability.

Compare that with a great product name but compromised domain like this: “you’ll want to checkout campfirenow-dot-com”. Campfire is a memorable product name and the domain is easy to spell. If I forget the “now” a quick search for campfire on Google returns as the first result because the word campfire is actually in the product name. When people link to it, they refer to it as “campfire” so the search engine findability is covered. Campfire and are assets.

Eat My Words has great guidelines for naming your business, disregard them and name your business campr because the domain is free and you’ll have yet another obstacle to overcome. Follow them and you’ll be a happy camper!

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