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Orbitz struggling with basic math

Update 4/20/06: I received the initial message from Orbitz that they had found my target fare of $294 which according to them is less than my target price of $250. Then this morning I received a message that they are … Continue reading

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New Segway Dali LE (Light Edition)

I’ve always been intrigued by the original Segway but until recently they were out of my price range. That all changed with the new Segway Dali LE (Light Edition). Here I am enjoying the commute on my new Segway Dali … Continue reading

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Differences between Digg and Reddit

I wrote a tongue in cheek humor piece on April fools day last year about ditching Java and switching to .BAT. Earlier this year it hit the front page of Reddit which was very exciting since my little server stood … Continue reading

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Valentines day geek love song

My friend and copious blogger Ross pointed me to this hilarious geek love song. It will resonate with anyone who’s had trouble giving their significant other attention when they are too wrapped up in a coding session or video game. … Continue reading

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Chronic-what-cles of Narnia

This SNL rap about the Chronicles of Narnia is just hilarious!

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E = MC Hawking

Thanks to Jeremy’s blog I discovered the MC Hawking CD. I’ve been listening to it for a few days and if you’re a rap loving nerd, this CD is for you! Don’t miss the flash movie.

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