Differences between Digg and Reddit

I wrote a tongue in cheek humor piece on April fools day last year about ditching Java and switching to .BAT. Earlier this year it hit the front page of Reddit which was very exciting since my little server stood up to the pounding pretty well. Then more recently it hit the front page of Digg (but only briefly). Talk about two totally different experiences!

I received lots of positive feedback from folks who found the story on Reddit and got a good laugh out of it. Fast forward a month to being on Digg where in addition to some very nice feedback I also received lots of negative feedback telling me what an idiot I must be for suggesting people switch to .BAT from Java. This guy even blogged about it! Shortly after going up on Digg’s homepage, the link to my story vanished from the homepage, probably from too many users marking my story as factually innaccurate (which of course it is because it’s a joke) ;-).

I guess it’s not totally surprising given Digg and Reddit’s respective user bases, however, I was still surprised by the marked difference in user response and assumed everyone would realize I was joking!

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