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Changing a URL without changing all your HREFs

When writing JSPs using Spring MVC and Struts I've found myself hard-coding URL's and it just doesn't feel right. Later when I decide to change the URL of a page I have to go through and search replace that URL … Continue reading

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Tabbed SSH terminals for Windows

There is a distinct lack of tabbed terminals for Windows. I’ve used SecureCRT 4, Putty, and more recently I’ve been using Rxvt under Cygwin (which doesn’t require X). However, none of these offers me tabbed terminals. The latest version, SecureCRT … Continue reading

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Backup/restore compact flash cards with Windows and Cygwin

In one of my side-ventures, which I’ve written about before, we develop and sell Linux and Java based nmea wireless navigation servers for the marine market. The devices run a small embedded Linux distribution on compact flash so we regularly … Continue reading

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Search Engine Friendly URLs in Java

At work I’ve been looking into doing search engine friendly URL’s in Java. For those not in the know, a search engine friendly URL is of the form as opposed to the more typical approach of In my … Continue reading

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Two additional Ruby features I wish were in Java

I’ve been tinkering with Ruby a little, mainly so I know what I’m missing since a lot of people really seem to dig it. Ruby has a lot of nice features that I like including mixins, closures, Rails scaffolding, active … Continue reading

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Firefox web development extensions

My three Firefox plugins of choice that save me a lot of time troubleshooting and working out web development issues are: 1. Web Developer Extension: this one is a must have! 2. User Agent Switcher: I use this one occasionally … Continue reading

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