Tabbed SSH terminals for Windows

There is a distinct lack of tabbed terminals for Windows. I’ve used SecureCRT 4, Putty, and more recently I’ve been using Rxvt under Cygwin (which doesn’t require X). However, none of these offers me tabbed terminals.

The latest version, SecureCRT 5 now supports tabs which is nice to see, however, it’s mainly designed to connect to remote machines which only solves half of my problem. The other half is that I want a tabbed terminal that gives me a Cygwin bash shell on my local machine.

Under Linux and FreeBSD we have the tabbed KDE Konsole, the Gnome Terminal, the Multi Gnome Terminal, MRxvt, and finally under MaxOSX we have iTerm.

Why are there no good tabbed terminals for Windows, or do I just not know about them?

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4 Responses to Tabbed SSH terminals for Windows

  1. Tim says:

    You shold be able to connect to your local machine with almost any terminal program, like putty. With wintabber ( you can add tabs to almost any window, which makes it more flexible because you can use it with terminals, browsers and even notepad.

  2. Gauthier says:

    This is a very usefull software, only downside is that it does not support http proxy in connect mode.

    Simply click “File”, “new cygwin connection” and boom!

  3. obi says:

    Try putty connection manager from source forge.

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