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In moving from my old blog at JRoller to one on my domain I had to choose which blogging engine to use. After evaluating a number of systems such as Movable Type, Typo, Blogger with sftp, etc… I ended up with WordPress. My main requirements for blog software were:

  • all the usual stuff (comments, pings, trackbacks, etc…)
  • search engine friendly URL’s
  • themes with a good selection
  • plugins with a good selection
  • import from RSS (so I could move my old posts along with me)
  • language in order of preference: Ruby, Java, PHP, and lastly Perl
  • a good sized user community

So far working with WordPress 2.0 has been relatively painless and left me with a very positive impression. The installation took about 5 minutes including the apache config. The plugins have been a little problematic since many don’t yet support 2.0 but considering it was just released it’s not surprising. Lastly, they’re using some AJAX which is nice to see.

Now that I have it installed next steps will be to learn how to use subversions vendor branches so I can manage my local changes to my WordPress checkout as well as being able to easily merge changes from the official WordPress subversion repo.

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