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I use a slew of machines so keeping my bookmarks and files synchronized between them has always been a priority. I’ve had the file synchronization issue under control for a while now by putting my documents and such into subversion but only twice did I have a good solution for bookmark synchronization. The first time is when Netscape included built-in bookmark synchronization via WebDav in the late 90’s and then 2nd time was in Firefox 1.0 using bookmark synchronizer (no longer maintained). I’ve finally found another solution and so far I’m digging it!

The solution I’m using right now is Foxmarks which is free, you can use their service as the repository for your bookmarks, or use your own FTP or WebDav server. If you use their server you can also access your bookmarks on the web by going to Very nice, thanks Foxcloud!

One other extension that looks really interesting for this purpose is Foxylicious which synchronizes into your regular Firefox bookmarks and works with 1.5.

Update: I have Foxmarks installed on my new MacBook Pro on Deer Park aka Firefox for OSX86 Intel and it’s working great. I’ve got bookmarks synchronizing between Windows, Linux, and OSX now…sweet!

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  1. thanks for the foxmarks link!

  2. I use, because it is web based, I can retrieve my links from any PC just by logging in, you can tag your links and give descriptions, I never use Firefox’s built in bookmarks anymore…

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