Here's hoping Radrails takes off as a Ruby on Rails IDE

In my
hunt for a good Ruby IDE I’ve tried almost all of the Ruby IDE’s I
could find. After using a variety of them I’ve lately been switching
between Radrails and JEdit with the Ruby plugin.
As a Java programmer I have a natural bias towards Radrails since it’s
based on Eclipse. The future of Radrails is especially promising as
they are planning to work in conjunction with the RDT
project where RDT will provide the core Ruby editing features and
TestUnit support, whereas, Radrails will provide the Rails specific
pieces such as editing RHTML, starting and stopping web servers, an
interface to script/generate, etc…

A really nice IDE is the
one thing I miss most when programming Ruby on Rails so here’s hoping
to the continued success of Radrails! Check it out if you’re looking
for a Ruby IDE, it’s still got a ways to go but it looks very
promising. They have a full installer (if you don’t have eclipse) that
incluces subclipse for subversion support which is a nice touch. If you’d rather watch than try they’ve also started creating videos.

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