In search of a Ruby IDE

I’ve been looking for a good Ruby IDE as I continue to learn Ruby on Rails. So far the one that stands out the most is the Arachno Ruby IDE, it looks very full featured, relatively polished, and includes an Apache server (only on Windows) which you can run from the IDE.

The other two that looks interesting are:

1. The Mondrian Ruby IDE
2. RDT or Ruby Development Tools which is an Eclipse plugin, nice for us Java types.

I’ve also heard of a lot of people using TextPad for the the purpose or Vim and Emacs but those are a little too low level for my day to day programming taste.

If you’re doing any kind of development in Ruby, what are you using?

Update: I’ve started using the Ruby Plugin for Jedit which has nice IntelliJ like code completion features and API integration. It’s a bit of a hassle to install but otherwise very nice!

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