Instantiating and populating a list or collection

In Java it always irks me when I have to create a collection and then populate it in separate steps as follows:

List states = new ArrayList();

Then today I read about using an anonymous subclass with instance initializer to initialize a collection which appeals to the block loving Rubyist in me:

List states = new ArrayList() {{ add(State.CA); add(State.WY); }};

Another approach shown to me by a new co-worker specific to Lists (that involves creating an extra array) but is also quite short is:

List states = Arrays.asList(new State[]{State.CA, State.WY});

Update: Ricky Clarkson pointed out the best solution so far in my opinion (requires JDK 5 or higher) using varargs and generics:

List<String> list=Arrays.asList("rocks","my","world");
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