It's still too soon to upgrade to J2SE 5.0

We're a small enough company that we can make the move to J2SE 5.0 whenever we want but we're holding off right now for 3 main reasons:

1. I'm not interested in being an early adopter unless the gain will give us some major competitive or efficiency advantage. While I'm looking forward to autoboxing, generics, annotations, enumerations and such I don't think they'll really give us major gains in either of those areas.
2. While IDE support for J2SE 5.0 is improving I don't know anyone that's tried it that hasn't run into some issues. Same goes for library support.
3. It's still relatively new to the 247 production world and since we fall into that category I want to be very confident in the stability of the JVM.

So when's the right time to make the switch for me?

1. When friends start asking me “why are you still running 1.4?”.
2. When I hear friends talking about their companies upgrading production servers to 5.
3. When the libraries and app-servers we use start requiring 5.

In summary, I think the right time to move is after the early adopters have gone through most of the pain and moving to J2SE 5 starts to become mainstream. All of that said the time is right to start playing with 5, setting up your continuous integration server to build and run unit tests with both 1.4 and 5, and so on.

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