Maven Data Access Kickstart

In learning Maven over the weekend I set about the process of creating a Maven Data Access Kickstart project (with Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, DBUnit, and XDoclet). Here's my Mavenized data access kickstart project if you're interested: maven-dao-kickstart-0.1.tgz

One of the main projects I'm working on now will involve a data access/business logic project and a separate web interface project which will depend on the data acess/business logic project. With that in mind I used Maven to implement the above kickstart project. I borrowed some code from AppFuse as well as some of the hibernate/dbunit configuration from Rick Hightower's fine blog.

Matt Raible really pioneered the concept of a java kickstart project (AFAIK) with the introduction of AppFuse which is the most comprehensive java web kickstart project I know of. I would love to see a repository of java kickstart projects!

Update: I've started working with maven multiproject and I'm totally sold! I'm already excited about the time savings with the plugins and managing dependencies.

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