My favorite family PC support moment

Almost every good nerd gets the pleasure of being the family’s go-to PC support person and it’s always great fun to sit around and swap amusing stories with fellow nerds.

When I gave my dad his first PC about 8 years ago, the initial support calls were frequent. Almost every visit back east involved some PC cleanup work. On one trip home I had to show my dad how to:

1. Move the Windows task bar back to the bottom of the screen because he’d not only dragged it over to the left, but also locked it so he couldn’t drag it back.
2. Delete the accidental shortcuts to Word he’d created on his desktop because left versus right click and single versus double click hadn’t totally sunk in yet.

After we’d finished he thought he’d pay me a compliment by saying: “it’s such a pleasure to get to see first-hand what you do for a living!”.

I think even a PC support person would take offense at that compliment, but I just had to laugh because to him it’s all just computer work, whether you’re pointing and clicking in Windows, managing a large compute cluster, or proving an algorithm NP-complete.

What’s your favorite family PC support moment?

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