One artifact/file per build process

Building on my most recent post, another objective we have at work is that each build process (which maps to one CVS module) generates one and only one artifact (e.g. a single WAR, plain old Jar, or a Javaapp Jar). There are certainly dependencies between modules but any deployable artifact that gets built (website.war, batchjobs.jar, xmlfeeds.jar, etc…) should be self-contained and include all of its dependencies such as Spring, Hibernate, etc.

This brings me to the Javapp Jar which I'm a huge fan of. A WAR is great because it can contain class files, JSP's, jar dependencies, and what have you. When you want to deploy it into production you have one self contained file that the release engineer can move live. A Javapp Jar is basically the same thing, it's a Jar file that contains your classes and files as well as all of those of your dependencies. For non Maven users you can also do this easily with ant using the zipgroupfileset task.

This makes the job of the release engineer much easier. For example rather than having to deploy batchjobs.jar, spring.jar, hibernate.jar and 10 other dependencies to our production batch processing server, instead we have a single batchjobs.jar that gets moved to production. That single Jar file contains our batch job classes, our bizlogic jar, spring, hibernate, and everything else in a single self contained file.

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