Open source caching proxy servers

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Hello lazy web, I’m looking for some advice on caching proxy servers and thought you might have some good pointers!

We currently front our site with 3 caching proxy servers to offload static content from the web servers and we haven’t found the right solution yet. We’ve tried a number of solutions including Oops and Apache with mod_cache (which we’re currently running) but they are either missing a critical feature, have buggy caching behavior, or crash under heavy load. The main features I’m looking for are:

1. Caches static content and pages and respects the expires header
2. Can gzip content on the fly (this saves us a bundle in bandwidth costs)
3. Can easily clear the cache when we move a new release live

I’d prefer an open-source product but if we end up needing to go with a commercial solution as a last resort I’m open to that as well, thanks for your suggestions or help!

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