Podcast interviews tell a bigger story than most blogs

I just received my first iPod from Amazon the other day and have been playing with it a little here and there. Having music to go is great but I’m really enjoying listening to podcasts! Just as blogs have become a more important source for technology news in my life than mainstream media, I can see podcasts having a similar effect on how I keep abreast of technology but at a higher level.

Blogs typically have posts with a very focused subject matter so you usually get insight into a piece of technology such as ActiveRecord or Hibernate. Podcast interviews on the other hand often give you the big picture of how the various technology pieces and practices intersect. For example I love hearing about how company X rewrote their site using technology Y, the challenges they faced with scalability, how they handled deployment, what they used for continuous integration, how long the release cycles were, how involved the customer was, etc… Geoffrey Grosenbach is especially skilled at touching on almost all of these aspects when interviewing folks in his Ruby on Rails Podcast.

There are 2 podcasts that really stand out in my mind that I’ve enjoyed going through the archives of so far. They are the Java Posse and the aforementioned Ruby on Rails Podcast.

What other really good technology focused podcasts are “must listen”?

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