Ruby on Rails Mac OS X Intel Binary

Update 8/13/06: Upgraded to Rails 1.1.6
Update 5/10/06: Upgraded to Rails 1.1.2 and built Ruby with the ri docs per Duncan McGregor’s comment
Update 4/7/06: Upgraded to Rails 1.1.1
Update 3/28/06: Now that Rails 1.1 has arrived I’ve upgraded this package to include it.

Here are the Installation Instructions and here is the all-inclusive ~9MB file to download: RubyOnRailsMacIntel-1.1.6.tar.bz2. If you would prefer to build from source here is my updated version of Geoffrey’s do it all script that now works on Mac Intel too.

I’ve created a Mac Intel binary distribution of Ruby on Rails with Lighttpd based on the work of Geoffrey and Dan. It includes:

Ruby 1.8.4, Readline 5.0, RubyGems 0.8.11, Rails 1.1.2, FastCGI 2.4.0, RubyFastCGIBindings 0.8.6, PCRE 6.6, and Lighttpd 1.4.11.

I did not include MySQL because I didn’t want to presume if you prefer MySQL 5 or 4.1 and MySQL offers Intel binaries for the Mac.

I created this binary distribution for 3 reasons:

1. I don’t believe your average user should be required to build from source to get up and running.
2. The previous mentioned solutions installed into /usr/local/. I prefer to install in a dedicated application directory I can simply delete when I want to uninstall. So I’ve got it all going under /usr/local/ror. Want to uninstall? Just delete /usr/local/ror.
3. I couldn’t find a Mac OSX Intel binary of Ruby on Rails with Lighty anywhere.

Let me know if you find this useful or if you have problems!

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