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Why nobody is web testing in Java

Go into any IDE and create a default Web project and you’ll often get JUnit, but I have yet to see one include some form of web testing support (e.g. Cactus, Cargo, and HttpUnit) and that’s just lame!

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Will a language scale? Wrong question!

This tongue in cheek post by Dion about Ruby not scaling made me chuckle but also got me thinking! The whole question of whether a modern language scales or not is really the wrong question to ask. Almost any language … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails Mac OS X Intel Binary

Update 8/13/06: Upgraded to Rails 1.1.6 Update 5/10/06: Upgraded to Rails 1.1.2 and built Ruby with the ri docs per Duncan McGregor’s comment Update 4/7/06: Upgraded to Rails 1.1.1 Update 3/28/06: Now that Rails 1.1 has arrived I’ve upgraded this … Continue reading

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Issue and solution for upgrading Lighttpd from 1.4.8 to 1.4.11

After upgrading Lighttpd to 1.4.11 from 1.4.8 it was no longer working with my Ruby on Rails project saying it couldn’t find public/dispatch.fcgi. Well, it turns out they made this security fix which breaks relative paths typically used in lighttpd.conf:

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Ruby + Rails + OSX Intel = Crazy Confusing

The Ruby on Rails scene for new users on the Mac has and continues to be pretty confusing! The version of Ruby that comes with the Mac isn’t suitable so you have to install a second copy and if you … Continue reading

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5 things Ruby on Rails has that Java doesn’t

After listening to this weeks Ruby on Rails podcast where Geoffrey Grosenbach interviewed Bruce Tate, it got me to thinking about why Ruby on Rails appeals to me. For me as a Java person, the real appeal of Ruby lies … Continue reading

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Ruby rdoc viewers still leave room for improvement

First a question, how do you go about looking up Rails or Gems API docs quickly while programming? As a relatively new Ruby user I’ve just always assumed something was wrong with my Ruby installation because the following wouldn’t work: … Continue reading

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Rails schema migrations… wow!

Managing code versions, unit testing, building releases from a branch, etc… are generally well understood processes where you’ll find numerous organizations following similar practices. Now go to the database schema and every company seems to have a different home grown … Continue reading

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Here's hoping Radrails takes off as a Ruby on Rails IDE

In my hunt for a good Ruby IDE I’ve tried almost all of the Ruby IDE’s I could find. After using a variety of them I’ve lately been switching between Radrails and JEdit with the Ruby plugin. As a Java … Continue reading

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Rails has some great generate commands and a whole lot more!

If you’ve played with Ruby on Rails you’ve likely used script/generate to scaffold a simple CRUD application (including controller, views, helper, database fixtures, unit test, and functional test) as follows: ruby script/generate DomainModel Controller In my side project to learn … Continue reading

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