Five aspects of OS X and the MacBook in need of improvement

I’ve gotten through my first week of work on a MacBook Pro after switching from Windows and before I go further let me say that overall it’s been a very positive experience, see my previous post on why I switched from Windows to the Mac. After a week there are still 5 things that I feel were poorly executed on the Mac and they are:

  1. Window maximize is inconsistent… I’d like my window to take up the whole screen when I hit the plus/maximize button, not some arbitrary width that varies from application to application.
  2. Home and end deceive… I’m editing a line of text and want to jump to the beginning of the line… you hit Apple – Left error…. OK… then you want to page up, by the same logic do you hit Apple – Up Arrow? No… you hit Fn – Up Arrow. I still have to stop and think every time I want to page up/down or home/end as to whether I should be hitting Apple or Fn. Like all of my PC laptops to date, the Mac really needs dedicated keys for home/end/page-up/page-down that work consistently across applications.
  3. Right click… if they can do the wheel on the iPod they can certainly design a single button that detects if I’m right clicking or left clicking. I know you have control click and trackpad corners that can give you right click but it’s all a hack. Obviously it’s a needed feature, otherwise they wouldn’t have put it in the mightymouse.
  4. Having the application menu separate from the window works fine with one display but when I have my laptop hooked up to my flat panel running both displays it’s quite strange to have Firefox on my flat panel and then have to move the mouse pointer back to the laptop display to select a bookmark from the application menu.
  5. I can’t reproduce this at the moment but I’ve encountered dialog boxes that don’t seem to respond to any keyboard input. Tabs, enter, etc… don’t work and I end up having to revert to the mouse.

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