Migrating from Outlook to iCal

Part of my switch from Windows to OSX involved figuring out how to get my Outlook Calendar data from Windows/Outlook to MacOSX/iCal. I was really dreading having to manually reenter the whole thing.

Thanks to Norm Jones and Mike Baas who wrote the Outlook Calendar to iCal Macros the migration was a snap. I installed the macros in Outlook, exported to an iCal file, imported it into iCal and I was off and running. Everything came over including recurring meetings. The only thing that didn’t transfer was whether a reminder is supposed to go off before a meeting. In any case, it saved me a lot of time, thanks Norm and Mike!

Here’s the sourceforge page for the Outlook to iCal converter!

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4 Responses to Migrating from Outlook to iCal

  1. Another program, that helps tremendously in switching from Outlook to the default OSX equivalents, is Outlook2Mac (http://www.littlemachines.com/). An incredible timesaver, and has worked on the largest of mailboxes that Outlook has spit at me.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m curious – why not use the calendaring in Entorauge? IMO, Microsoft actually got it _RIGHT_ with their Office suite on Mac. Entorauge is fantastic, especially the project stuff.

  3. Andrew says:

    Because iCal just does calender stuff… it does it really well, and in a way that integrates with everything on a mac (and on the web)… So why use Entorauge?

  4. Andy Bonikowsky says:

    I just used the Outlook to iCal converter and it worked perfectly, for all my different categories, except that it only went back about six weeks. Any way to go back four months? Thanks.

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