8 months off to Mexico and back

From 20080511AguaV…

October 4th, 2007 was my last day as the VP of Technology at GreatSchools when I handed the reigns over to Chris Pickslay so that Susan, Sequoia, and I could take off on our sailboat to Mexico for 6-12 months. It was a great 4 years leading the tech team at GreatSchools and I was sad to leave such a terrific job and group of people but both Susan and I were really feeling the itch for some adventure under sail. Our plan was to explore the Baja peninsula, mainland Mexico, and of course the lovely Sea of Cortez.

8 months have passed and we had some great fun and adventures which you can read about on our sailing blog if you’re interested, it all starts here when we moved aboard the boat. However, with hurricane season approaching we decided to put the boat into dry storage in San Carlos Mexico for the summer and return home for 6 months to work and catch up with friends and family.

Starting June 10th I’ll be back at GreatSchools 3 days a week as a contractor until we go back to Mexico and this time I’ll be working for Chris instead of the other way around!

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