Transcending CSS

Working at GreatSchools we do a lot of CSS work and we have a number of CSS books on our library shelf. However, last month we picked up a copy of Transcending CSS and it’s far and away the most enlightening book on CSS I’ve read. We’re already changing the way we do our CSS for the better as a result.

Having worked with a lot of front-end developers I can confirm that almost all of them would benefit from this book since most still

  • use floats for layout as opposed to position absolute (which is easily misunderstood because it’s positioning relative to the containing block)
  • few seem to regularly run their XHTML through a validator (a pet peeve of mine)
  • and even fewer seem to know to employ the concept of a CSS reset

It’s hard to convey all of the great stuff in this book but I can almost guarantee that if you work with CSS this book will open your eyes to a better way of doing things.

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One Response to Transcending CSS

  1. Mark says:

    Always interested in a good CSS reference. I’ve tackled CSS a few times, but once I get some ways into it, it stymies me. I don’t know if it’s me or CSS 🙂

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