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MacBook Pro first impressions and why I switched

I just received my MacBook Pro on Friday. For me this is an even bigger switch since I’m making the switch from Windows to OSX as my primary work desktop. Over the years I’ve alternated between Linux and Windows and … Continue reading

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Foxmarks Firefox bookmark synchronization

I use a slew of machines so keeping my bookmarks and files synchronized between them has always been a priority. I’ve had the file synchronization issue under control for a while now by putting my documents and such into subversion … Continue reading

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Spellchecking belongs in the browser, not on the website

With all of the different sites, forums, blogs, etc… that use textareas for writing on the web, it’s unrealistic to expect them all to have a good spellchecker. Even sites that do have spellcheckers have very different levels of quality. … Continue reading

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Apple’s PR genius

I don’t know what kind of koolaid Apple puts in their PR but it’s working on me! When they announced the Intel MacBook Pro it took all my will power not to drop 3 G’s on a pre-order the minute … Continue reading

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Tabbed terminals for Windows redux 2

For the past few months I’ve been running Gnome-Terminal under Cygwin as my tabbed term of choice but I’ve always disliked having to run X on Windows just to run a terminal emulator. Now, thanks to an anonymous comment pointing … Continue reading

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Tabbed terminals for Windows redux

As I’ve written about here before, I’m always on the lookout for a good tabbed terminal for Windows that I can use to run multiple cygwin/bash shells locally. Running Screen in my Rxvt or alt-tabbing between 8 terminal windows just … Continue reading

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Tabbed SSH terminals for Windows

There is a distinct lack of tabbed terminals for Windows. I’ve used SecureCRT 4, Putty, and more recently I’ve been using Rxvt under Cygwin (which doesn’t require X). However, none of these offers me tabbed terminals. The latest version, SecureCRT … Continue reading

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