Hiring a Java/Spring/Hibernate team lead

We're hiring a software development team lead/architect with a passion for continuous integration, agile software development, unit testing, MVC frameworks, IoC containers, and ORM. This person either lives in or near San Francisco. We're in the process of migrating our site from Perl to Java, so over the next month or so one of my main tasks will be to hire that person.

If you or someone you know fit the bill check out the job posting and apply.

Update 11/30: so far out of 50+ candidates applying for the job only 1 has Spring and Hibernate experience. I've talked with other folks trying to hire this same skillset and not surprisingly there are not a lot of people out there with it. I guess on the bright side, if you have production Spring and Hibernate experience you're probably in demand if you market yourself well.

Update 12/31: still looking and updated the URL to the craigslist posting. I have about 40 more resumes to review now so I'm hopeful…

Update 1/31: still looking. Enjoyed Mike's HOWTO on applying for a java job, it rings true with my experience so far. Updated the URL to point to our website instead of craigslist.

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