JSP Displaytag Library

In working on a Spring MVC workshop for programmers at work I've been toying around with the JSP Display Tag library. On the downside, like most taglibs that generate HTML for you it's no good for an HTML designer since it doesn't render in a browser without a servlet runner, but for a programmer, all I can say is, wow! No more table,tbody,tr,td,td,td,td,tr,tr,td,td,td,…. uugggh!

The Displaytag Live Examples give you an idea what you can do with it. To get the CSS so it renders like the examples, I had to extract the CSS file from the displaytag demo WAR file. Would have been nice if they included the CSS global.css file in the same directory as the JAR and TLD files shipped with the distribution since most users starting out will want the CSS. First impressions: it's a pretty powerful tag for JSP work!

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